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1-Advancis Lipo 3 100 Tabs

Advancis® Lipo 3 is a food supplement which formulation favors appetite control, regulates carbohydrates metabolism, promotes fat transformation into muscle and excessive fat elimination, contributing for the weight loss process. Contains ingredients that help on the metabolism balance, mobilizing fats, balancing the ingestion and absorption of carbohydrates.

Referred to as the active component of the complex glucose tolerance factor (GTF). People with diabetes may also have lower chromium levels.

L-Carnitine is naturally found in the body. L-carnitine plays a key role in cellular energy production. It is essential for beta-oxidation and may have antioxidant properties. Carnitine levels are lower in people with complications of diabetes.

Recommended Daily Dosage:
Take 1 tablet before breakfast, 1 tablet before lunch and 1 tablet before dinner.
Each tablet must be taken 30 minutes before each main meal with 2 glasses of water.
It is recommended to take at least 1,5L of water per day.

Expiry date:03/22.

2-Advancis Extra Slim Night&Day 60 Tabs

  • Weight loss supplement.
  • This weight loss supplement contains a day formula and a night formula to reduce calorie absorption.
  • Encourage weight loss during the day and night.

Expiry date:03/22.

3-Advancis Cla+ 50 Tabs

Advancis CLA+ 50 Capsules is a food supplement that combines conjugated linoleic (CLA) with a dry extract of green tea (Camellia sinensis).

Expiry date:11/21.


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